Hi. I'm Abhay.

I'm a twenty-something designer from Pune, India.

I do a few different things. Sometimes, it's designing mobile experiences on scraps of paper. Often, it's drawing or writing something delightful. I obsessively fill in spare inches of a small sketchbook in my free time. And I'm learning to code—which is awesome!

I've worked with Pepsi, Disney, Greenpeace and many small, talented teams. Right now, Iā€™m a designer & co-founder at March. Together, we create amazing stuff that feels human. We also made the March Tee.

Buy me coffee if you wanna chat. 😊

Ready? OK, get in touch.

ā€” Abhay

TL;DR ā€”

Designer, illustrator and writer. Worked on a bunch of stuff. Quirks included. Need coffee.