Hi. I'm Abhay.

I seem to do all sorts of things. Sometimes, it’s designing mobile experiences on scraps of paper. Other times, it’s drawing or writing something delightful. I obsessively fill in spare inches of my little sketchbook in my free time. And I’m learning to code—which is awesome.

Since 2009, I’ve worked with Pepsi, Disney, Greenpeace and many small, talented teams. Right now, I’m one-fourth of Studio March. Together, we create amazing stuff that feels human.

I see things others don’t, often because they’re not there. I’m quirky in person. You must buy me a cup of coffee to keep my attention long enough for a conversation.

Seriously, buy me coffee. I’m in Pune, India.

Ready? OK, get in touch.

— Abhay


Designer, illustrator and writer. Worked on a bunch of stuff. Quirks included. Need coffee.